‘Family Guy’ Releases The First Uncomfortable Clip From Its Donald Trump Episode

“@SethMacFarlane will be a great Oscar host,” Donald Trump tweeted in 2012. “He did an amazing job at my @ComedyCentral roast.” That might be the one tweet the president actually regrets, compared to the hundreds of others he should probably feel bad for, after this Sunday’s episode of Family Guy. In a snippet from “Trump Guy,” Meg is introduced to Trump by his offspring, Ivanka. “Pleased to meet you, Meg. You have a beautiful rack,” the president says. When Meg takes it as a compliment, he corrects her, “I was talking about my daughter.”

The episode will feature “an epic, many-minute-long fight” between Peter and Trump (not a chicken or Homer, for once) after something happens to Meg. “In the history of the show, Peter hasn’t been that paternal with Meg, but he certainly likes Meg [more] than he likes Donald Trump, and that’s saying something,” executive producer Rich Appel told Entertainment Weekly. Surprisingly, Fox had no notes about “Trump Guy,” which has been updated with new scandals to keep the episode fresh. “What we discovered, fortunately, that is unlike Omarosa, we did not need secret tapes to find a few things that are ridiculous and hilarious and depressing about the Trump administration,” Appel said.

You can watch a clip from “Trump Guy,” with voice actor Josh Robert Thompson as the president, above. Or re-live Trump’s other Family Guy appearance.