‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Would Rather Not Explain The Context Behind A Very Raunchy ‘Family Guy’ Joke

Family Guy is in its 21st (!) season. It’s hard to find an unexplored plot after nearly 400 episodes (let alone over 700 episodes), but to the animated show’s credit (?), it found one during Sunday’s episode. In “The Munchurian Candidate,” Peter gets hypnotized to become an expert at performing oral sex on Lois — and Lois’ mom, Barbara (?!).

Also, “Weird Al” Yankovic is involved.

On the ride home after Peter is unwittingly triggered by the Extra theme song to, uh, [REDACTED] on Barbara, he and Lois sit in awkward, horrified silence. But the quiet is interrupted by a song on the radio: “Eat It” by “Weird Al” Yankovic, a spoof of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” about eating food… and only food, not anything else you might potentially chow on. The innuendo-filled scene caught the attention of the parodist, who tweeted, “Yeah, I’m not gonna bother describing the context of this joke.”

Peter’s face is all the context you need:


On the DVD commentary for the wonderful The Weird Al Show, Yankovic revealed that Family Guy could have been to The Weird Al Show as The Simpsons was to The Tracey Ullman Show. Creator Seth MacFarlane “approached the network with the original blueprints for Family Guy, hoping to turn it into a series of animated segments for the show,” but it didn’t work out. Harvey the Wonder Hamster is too pure for oral sex jokes.