You Can Almost Make Out The ‘Fargo’ Season 3 Plot In This Extended Trailer (Not Really)

Between a collection of amazingly wonderful teasers, a few brief character intros, and the first official trailer, we know next to nothing about what will happen in Fargo season three. Thanks to a new extended trailer courtesy of the hit show’s Twitter page, however, fans can at least make a few educated guesses about what Ray Stussy (Ewan McGregor) is yelling “what the sh*t” at.

Obviously, trailers like these consist of multiple scenes scattered across the season. They’re cut a certain way, perhaps to excite fans and novice audiences alike, so that doesn’t mean Ray’s sweet Corvette being totaled by a stranger in a parking lot is what’s peeving him. According to repeated scenes from an exchange between him and his more successful, better looking brother Emmit (“The Parking Lot King of Minnesota”), the latter owes Ray for something that happened when they were kids. So maybe that’s what he’s screaming “what the sh*t”?

Whatever proves to be the main catalyst for Fargo‘s third season, we know it will have something to do with the brewing disagreement between the Stussy brothers. That, and Nikki Swango’s (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) efforts to toughen Ray up against Emmit’s stature, Chief of Police Gloria Burgle’s (Carrie Coon) shotgun-led investigation into a dark house, and V.M. Vargas’s (David Thewlis) desperate need for a dentist.