The First Full-Length ‘Fargo’ Season 3 Trailer Is Finally Here

Despite nearly a dozen (wonderful) teasers, a character introduction, and a SXSW panel, it’s still unclear what season three of Fargo is about.

We know that it takes place in 2010, a few years after season one, and that according to executive producer Warren Littlefield, creator Noah Hawley — who’s also doing wonderful work on his other FX series, Legion — is “going to have a lot of fun commenting and embracing the world as it is, almost today.” Hawley’s version of fun apparently involves Ewan McGregor playing two characters, Emmit “The Parking Lot King of Minnesota” Stussy and his brother Ray “The Ugly One” Stussy, which he’s right: that is fun.

FX just released a full-length trailer, and while that ought to clear up some of the plot confusion, I now have even more questions: why is Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s delightfully named character, Nikki Swango, with Ray? Is it like an Amy Adams and Christian Bale in American Hustle thing? What happened between the Stussy brothers when they were kids? What kind of monster would try to hurt Carrie Coon? Why is David Thewlis so terrifying? And most importantly, can you make meth from frozen orange juice concentrate?

April 19, when Fargo returns, can’t get here soon enough.

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