Farrah Abraham Still Doesn’t Know The Difference Between A Sex Tape And A Porno

Farrah Abraham didn’t make a sex tape, she was the star of a porno. This is obvious to everyone but her, but she’s told herself her version of the truth so many times that she’s starting to believe it. She’s not consistent with the specifics, however, and often finds herself having to squirt her way out of her own lies. On last night’s Couples Therapy — she doesn’t have a boyfriend or husband; rather, she asked some guy to be in a “pretend relationship” — Abraham hilariously explained that her “sex tape” ruined her life. No was buying what she was selling, though, and one of the other women in the therapy session called her out on it, asking why someone would hire a camera crew to film a sex tape. Abraham explained, “No there was not. There was only me and the camera person.”

She would later claim she never said that, but the damage was done. Here are other things Farrah never said:

-“Hi, James Deen.”

-“Would you like to work with me, James Deen?”

-“Let’s make a porno, James Deen.”

This will make for a great chapter in her Christian parenting book. Watch the clip over at Gawker.

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Via Gawker