Not So Fast, 'Lucky 7': The Fall's First Cancelation Race Just Got Interesting

Just a few hours ago, Josh posted ratings news on ABC’s dismal and dismally rated Lucky 7, the pilot of which actually had the line, “The family that wins the lottery together, stays together” (or something like that). It’s terrible, and as Josh suggested, the second episode’s ratings were enough to all but ensure its cancelation. It’s really not a matter of if, but when. However, there’s an outside chance that another show may get the noose before Lucky 7, and it comes from NBC, and the worst idea for a network show since Blind Justice.

Indeed, Ironside debuted on NBC last night with the lowest rated fall drama debut EVER, and that is saying something for NBC, which has seen several drama cancelations over the last few years (remember Prime Suspect? Yeah, nobody else does, either). Granted, Ironside’s 1.4 in the demo is not as bad as Lucky 7’s 0.8 in the demo, but it was the second episode of Lucky 7, and Lucky 7 debuted last week just a notch below Ironside with a 1.3. Again, to be fair, Ironside actually had more overall viewers than NBC’s once monstrous Revolution, which fell to a 1.5 in its new Tuesday time slot.

NBC is getting slaughtered on Tuesday nights now.

BUT WAIT! Ironside is not the only horse in this race. ABC also has another contender, Betrayal, which debuted Sunday with a 1.5, which was down 29 percent from the debut of 666 Park Ave in the same time slot last year, and that show was pulled fairly quickly, as was the show that would eventually replace 666 Park Avenue, Red Widow which also debuted with better numbers than Betrayal. So, again, it’s not a matter of if, but when for Betrayal, and Ironside.

WHO WILL BLINK FIRST? The favorite still has to be Lucky 7, but then again, what does ABC have to replace it with? Meanwhile, NBC always has Brian Williams and his newsmagazine they can trot out on a moment’s notice, and remember, Community is still sitting on the backburner if NBC wants to get creative with their schedule.

(Source: Deadline, EW)