Newscaster Refers To Fire Truck As ‘F*ck Truck,’ Instantly Earns Spot In News Blooper Hall Of Fame

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05.09.14 14 Comments


Alison Bologna (pictured above) is a news anchor in Providence, Rhode Island. She’s also the proud new owner of one of the greatest f*ckups in the history of news bloopers, thanks to the clip below.

According to Awful Announcing, the video comes from WJAR-TV’s 7:00 PM newscast on Thursday night. Alison was trying to say “fire truck,” but instead mangled the words into an unfortunate mishmash that came out as “f*ck truck.” The funniest part of the clip might be her overemphasis of the word “FIRE” in subsequent mentions of the vehicle. Check it out:

(SoxPatsFan74 via Awful Announcing)

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