A New ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Trailer Introduces The ‘King Of The Crazies’

The Walking Dead returns next Sunday (or today, for those who have AMC+), but after the six bonus season 10 episodes air, the back half of season six of Fear the Walking Dead airs (which might but probably won’t feature the return of Madison). Fear is coming off its best run of episodes since at least the first half of season four, although it’s arguably better than it ever has been, thanks to a different style of storytelling.

In the opening half of the season, showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg broke it down into a series of fantastic stand-alone episodes, each focusing on a smaller number of characters. Expect that trend to continue in the latter half, as the Fear characters continue to find each other and/or break apart (last we saw, John had split from June, while several other characters were headed toward Morgan’s new outpost).

The trailer promotes “death, decay, and destruction” in the back half of the season, several characters have guns pointed at their heads (including Daniel, by Ginny, who will apparently find out that he’s been Morgan’s mole all along), a shot of Sherry’s Outcasts, and a very strange zombie growing from a tree. Most intriguing, however, is that the trailer is being narrated by a new character, the so-called “King of the Crazies,” who is played by John Glover, the longtime character actor probably best known as Lionel Luthor in Smallville. From the looks of things, his pandemic beard worked out very well for his character. Presumably, he has something to do with the mysterious key on Morgan’s person.

The sixth season of Fear the Walking Dead returns on April 11th. It’s also due to start shooting the seven season imminently.