What’s The Central Conflict On Season 5B Of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’?

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Think back on the greatest villains in The Walking Dead universe: There was The Governor, a brutal authoritarian motivated by a desire to maintain power of his community, even if it meant executing large numbers of people. There was Gareth, who led a group of cannibals. There was Negan, a dictator who brutally tortured and killed people while overseeing what were essentially land pirates. Alpha and The Whisperers wear skin masks, decapitate their enemies, and set land boundaries.

No one on Fear the Walking Dead has come even come close to the level of evil exhibited by the best The Walking Dead villains. In fact, through five seasons, there’s really only been one compelling villain, Jeremiah Otto. That’s clearly not going to change in the back half of season five of Fear, as the motivations of this season’s primary antagonist, Logan, have come into focus.

He wants gas.

That’s right. Season 5b looks to be a struggle between Morgan and his people’s desire to do good versus Logan’s desire to … own gas. The central conflict will be over the location of what Logan refers to as “oil fields,” although Sarah calls it “Tank Town.” In an effort to “do good,” Morgan’s people drive a convoy of vehicles — and a gas tanker — to answer calls from those who need help. That tanker refills every couple of weeks in Tank Town, set up by the late Clayton and his people as a means to combat the problem with gas getting old in the apocalypse.

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