Questions We Have After The ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Premiere

04.16.18 9 months ago 3 Comments


We have already shared our feelings on the season four premiere of Fear the Walking Dead (it’s very good), so let’s turn to one thing we couldn’t discuss before the premiere: The plot details.

Why Did Morgan leave The Walking Dead?

As we expected based on the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead, Morgan found that he could no longer live around other people. While Morgan still feels invincible, he fears he’s a danger to everyone else around him and opts, initially, to move to Jadis’ old stomping grounds at the Junkyard. Still suffering from PTSD over the death of his wife and son, Morgan could not be convinced by Jesus, Carol, or Rick to return to The Kingdom, The Hilltop, or Alexandria. “I lose people, and then I lose myself,” Morgan tells Althea.

Ultimately, rather than stick around and allow his friends to repeatedly try and coax him back home, Morgan decides to leave Virginia. Morgan, however, is clearly still feeling the effects of PTSD, as evidenced by the fact that he “needs to know” what the walkers look like before he kills them, as though he is still searching for someone, or for closure. Morgan is also back to his old, “I don’t kill” ways.

How Did Morgan Get to Texas?

He ran. He walked. And he ran some more. There is no grand mystery here. Morgan walked away from Alexandria, and he kept walking until he arrived in Texas. That’s about 1,400 miles, for the record. That might sound like a long way to walk, and it is, but if Morgan walked 3 miles an hour, eight hours a day, he’d reach Texas in a little less than two months.

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