Finally, Eva Longoria on a Stripper Pole

09.27.11 7 years ago 12 Comments

“Desperate Housewives” is America’s leading show at taking sexy concepts and getting important details wrong, from lesbian kissing between old ladies to the Dana Delany lesbian dream sequence about Julie Benz’s ex-stripper character. But really, all I ever wanted from the show was for Eva Longoria to be on a stripper pole.
And that’s just what “Housewives” will deliver this Sunday — kind of. As the video at EW shows, Gaby Solis (Longoria) gets some pole-dancing lessons because her husband can’t get a boner, and then she falls on her head. Whoa, I think my computer’s overheating from too much sexiness!
Screencaps of the scene are on the following pages — IF YOU CAN HANDLE THE ILLICIT MATERIAL.

“Stripper Coach” is as yet uncredited on the episode’s IMDb page, possibly because this woman’s last role was convincing a Japanese businessman that she found him attractive. If you recognize her from your local Spearmint Rhino, drop a note in the comments.
(Update: commenter guitarjustin says it’s Jillian Nelson. Sure, why not.)
A house just isn’t a home until it has a stripper pole.

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