02.22.10 9 years ago 9 Comments

Back in December, the first couple minutes of “The Increasingly Bad Decisions of Todd Margaret” were leaked online. The show, written by and starring David Cross, was a pilot for Britain’s Channel 4 that was recently picked up for a full series run. But wait! Don’t fly to England just so you can watch the pilot — the entire first episode is right here online (first part above, second two videos below — and thanks to reader “kahlua groove” for the tip).

Anyway, watch and enjoy — you know, if you’ve got 25 minutes at work where you don’t actually need to do any work. The humor, based on awkward situations and the ineptitude of Cross’s titular character, sometimes falls flat when characters’ actions veer off into the unrealistic, but it mostly succeeds as a comedy. A helluva lot more than the average sitcom pilot in America. Isn’t that right, Michael Strahan?

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