You Can Forget All About ‘Flappy Bird’ Because Sesame Street Has Created The Far Superior ‘Flappy Bert’

The Flappy Bird saga — from the simple game’s meteoric rise to its swift shutdown — has been well documented over the last few days. But what hasn’t been covered nearly as extensively is where, if anywhere, Flappy Bird addicts can now turn for their fix.

Luckily, Sesame Workshop (the nonprofit educational organization behind Sesame Street) has stepped up and delivered a superior product called Flappy Bert. Flappy Bert is just as addictive and annoyingly impossible as the original, with the added benefit of Bert calling out for Ernie every time you misfire. (If you think about it, PBS is essentially Heisenberg to Dong Nguyen’s Tuco.)

Play Flappy Bert here.

Sesame Workshop