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Vince over at FilmDrunk occasionally writes about Forgotten Classics to showcase some of the finest B-movies ever made. I’m going to borrow the concept to put the spotlight on Grizzly Rage, a 2007 TV movie that premiered in Canada and later aired on the Sci Fi Channel (before it was Syfy, of course). The premise, from IMDb:

4 teens trespass on a closed park site and accidentally run over a Grizzly bear cub. The mother comes after them. Unfortunately, she was been drinking from a lake full of toxic waste, illegally dumped, and has mutated into a super Grizzly bear.

Many of the reviews disagree about the “super” grizzly part, as apparently this is a departure from many nature-based horror films in that the bear is not mutated or possessed by Satan. Bummer. What’s not a bummer, though, is the tag line on the film’s poster (inset): Ripped Apart at the SCREAMS! I hope that copy writer earned a handsome payday.

Notably, the 86-minute movie doesn’t feature a single frame of the bear and the human actors sharing a shot, and the attacks consist of “bad editing and blood splashed across the camera,” according to a review at CHUD. More from that review:

This movie is bad. Laughably bad. The writing is a joke, the characters are about as interesting as tax code, and the direction is amateurish at best… Grizzly Rage is one 86-minute exercise in how to waste film. It’s utterly bereft of tension, scares, or even humor.

Hey! Some people really like tax code! Below: the Grizzly Rage trailer, a behind-the-scenes look, and one more screen cap of a grizzly roaring, just because I like bears.

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