Foursquare Challenges You To A ‘Game Of Cones’

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06.05.13 8 Comments

Great news, Game of Thrones fans who also intersect in life’s great Venn diagram with ice cream lovers! When the season finale airs this Sunday, you won’t have to wait until next season or, even worse, read the books* if you want to get your fix of George R. R. Martin’s epic fantasy series. Alas, I come bearing bad news, too, because this only goes for people living in New York City and San Francisco, so it’s safe to say that the people at Foursquare hate the rest of us.

Starting this Friday, ice cream shops in both cities will be at figurative war in a “Game of Cones”, as their customers will be able to check in and help them climb the ranks to becoming the most popular and, therefore, win the most coveted prize in the world.

It will span multiple boroughs — from the western boundaries of lower Manhattan through the mythical Greenwich Village and over to the east. The struggle, some say, will sweep across the River into Brooklyn and the faraway kingdoms of Greenpoint, Boerum Hill, and even Prospect Heights.

And so the question remains — who will overtake the Iron Cone?

For the San Fran version, you can take the same general idea and put in the names of places in that city. Or you can just look at the handy Game of Cones map that Foursquare created:

New Yorkers can also print up this map and hang it in their $1,900-a-month studio apartments.

Best of luck to all of the ice cream shops involved, as the rest of us in loser cities will be sucking down our Fudgy the Whales and playing my game, “Caking Bad”, which just involves me getting fatter.

*Books are awesome. Reading is fundamental.

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