A ‘Minority Report’ TV Sequel Is Headed To Fox

Remember the Minority Report? Helmed by Steven Spielberg, the film followed a DC cop who worked in a specialized police department that used “Precogs” or telepaths to predict when a person was going to commit a crime, before the crime ever happened. It was a pretty interesting concept, and in 2002, seemed totally futuristic. It was also one of our last chances to enjoy Tom Cruise before he stared jumping on couches and getting weird. Well, it looks like Fox is giving the sci-fi drama a TV reboot (no, Tom Cruise will not be making an appearance).

The network has plans to launch a female-led follow-up to the film which will take place 10 years after the dismantling of Precrime in D.C., and focuses on a former “Precog” and his attempt to lead a normal life while still experiencing visions of the future. When he teams up with a detective struggling with issues of her own, they work together to use his gift for good. Fox has plenty of incentive for the new show to do well. The network was given a put-pilot committment which means they’ll have to shell out the big bucks if the series doesn’t make it past the pilot episode.

Oh, and there’s this: