Fox News Has Been Hemorrhaging Viewers Since Brian Kilmeade Replaced Tucker Carlson

Way back in the long-ago days of March, Tucker Carlson was still riding high as Fox News’ most popular on-air personality, with his primetime “news” show averaging about 3.4 million viewers per night. On Wednesday night — two days after the surprise announcement that Tucker had gone bye-bye — the 8 p.m. time slot had lost about 60 percent of its audience, according to The Wrap.

That’s bad news for Fox News and for Brian Kilmeade, who has been filling in for Tucker since Monday night. (Clearly, people must have missed Kilmeade’s recent interview/game of catch with Ron DeSantis!)

While Monday night’s show saw its ratings hold steady (perhaps partly out of morbid curiosity)‚ Kilmeade is no Tucker — at least as far as Fox’s nightly viewers seemed to be concerned.

As The Wrap writes:

But boy, what a difference a couple of days makes: While the 8 p.m. hour got 2.59 million total viewers on average on Monday, viewership dropped to 1.7 million viewers on Tuesday, and slid further to 1.33 million total viewers on Wednesday, falling just behind MSNBC in that time-slot, according to Nielsen live plus same-day figures.

While Fox is used to being America’s most watched “news” network, Wednesday’s showing put that slogan in jeopardy. MSNBC’s All In With Chris Hayes topped Fox News’ 8 p.m. news hour by a slim margin of just a few thousand viewers. Maybe if Fox News viewers knew that Kilmeade once questioned why anyone would hire a pregnant woman and famously declared that he read Mein Kampf in high school, they’d tune back in.

(Via The Wrap)