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Former “Malcolm in the Middle” star Frankie Muniz, now 24, was last in the news when he put his Hollywood career on hold to pursue a career driving race cars. Now his new thing is playing the drums for a Phoenix band (NOT tobe confused with the band Phoenix) called You Hang Up. No, YOU hang up! Get it? It’s from a conversation between people you want to punch.

“Frankie moved to Arizona in 2008 to take a break from acting and pursue a professional career in racing, but has now become a permanent fixture of You Hang Up. Between Frankie’s incredible drumming skills and his passion for music in general, he adds a flavor to You Hang Up that could not blend better with the group.” [MySpace]

Honestly, I don’t want to hate on the guy for pursuing something he likes, even if I hate the band’s music. I mean, he’s a former child star; we should just be happy that he isn’t killing children during meth binges or — worse — becoming a DJ. But then, well… he was old enough to know better when this happened:

Muniz told Entertainment Weekly in 2004 that he learned to pound the skins from Zac Hanson (as in ‘MMMBop’ Hanson). “My best friends are Hanson,” he said at the time. “When they come out for their full electric tour after their CD gets released, they’re going to have two drum kits up there, and I’m gonna jam with them.”

Yikes. Again: he said that in 2004. “MMMBop” was released in 1997. So, uh, maybe Danny Masterson could show him how to DJ?

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