‘Franklin & Bash’ Met Kathie Lee & Hoda This Morning! It Was Kind Of A Mess!

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The fourth season of Franklin & Bash debuts one week from today. To help get people (me) all jazzed about it (as if that was necessary), stars Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer swung by Kathie Lee & Hoda’s chardonnay-soaked Today show funhouse to do a little promoting (and were incredibly good sports), which raised an important question: How in the name of Bud Light Lime beer bongs is this the first time Franklin & Bash & Kathie Lee & Hoda have all been on screen together? And why don’t Kathie Lee & Hoda have a TNT show where semi-fictionalized versions of themselves solve mysteries? And why haven’t the two shows crossed over in a multi-episode arc that ends with Kathie Lee sexually terrorizing a pool boy during a party at Franklin & Bash’s beachfront mansion? Admittedly that was actually three questions. But still!

Anyway, the segment ended with a three-question game in which Gosselaar and Meyer had to try to identify if a quote was from Saved by the Bell or Clueless, and it was 60 seconds of absolute chaos. A rundown:

  • Question 1: Kathie Lee & Hoda introduced the game and read the quote, but they didn’t realize that the guests were supposed to hold the answer signs, so Breckin Meyer shouted “Clueless” and Kathie Lee threw the sign up in the air like she was a brassy Vanna White or something. They realized their error after this and gave the guys the answer signs for Questions 2.
  • Question 2: Success!
  • Question 3: Breckin Meyer dropped his answer sign. Mark-Paul Gosselaar held up the correct answer, which was met by a loud “Ding!,” even though there was no ding after the first two answers, which both of them also got correct.

Then someone brought out a big bell and the board game Clue and handed them to Gosselaar and Meyer, respectively, to signify that the two of them were, in fact, in Saved by the Bell and Clueless (GET IT???), and Kathie Lee said “Franklin & Bash comes back… when? Oh, I don’t know…” before Hoda, Gosselaar, Meyer, and what I’ve got to believe is a weary group of producers all jumped in and provided the correct date. Just magical television.