'Franklin & Bash' Recap: Bros! Let's Pick A Jury!

07.11.12 9 Comments

Bros. BROS.

First and foremost allow me to OFFICIALLY APOLOGIZE because I haven’t recapped Frankin & Bash aka Tango & Bash aka Dr. Frank Bash, Esquire and Ladies Man Extraordinaire in a while because this one time I was hecka hungover after the pimps and hoes party and the other time it was July 4th and I was invited to a party at my boy J-Realness’s summer house. It was SICK AND/OR EPIC. J’s parents Mr. and Mrs. Leibowitz are getting divorced so his dad invited us all out for a rager and he totes hooked up with Lindsey Sanders which is crazy because J hooked up with her last semester so now it is A FAMILY AFFAIR. LOLOLOLOL jokes.

Anyway a lot has happened on Franklin & Bash since we talked last so here is an update: ROBOCOP AKA BROBOCOP WAS ON THE SHOW and also BASH BONED SEXY DA in her office or his office or somewhere. Awww yeah son SEX IS THE GREATEST. So that about gets you caught up on everything from the last two episodes and now we can move along to the one from last night which features important legal issues like JURY SELECTION and HOT JURORS and PLANNING YOUR TRIAL STRATEGY WHILE BARTENDING AT YOUR PARTY.

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