The 'Daily Show' Offers A Cure For Paula Deen's Racism: A 'N*ggerette' Patch

06.21.13 5 years ago 7 Comments


Last night — in a segment perfectly titled, “Fried and Prejudice” — the Daily Show deftly and hilariously tackled the “Paula Deen is kinda racist because she’s an old person from the South” controversy, opening with John Oliver giving some background on the whole thing before bringing out Jessica Williams, one of the show’s African-American contributors, to offer up, ugh, a cure for what Paula’s obviously stricken with: “type one or type two racism.”

“This woman has a very serious condition,” Williams said. “But don’t worry…treatment of racism has come a long way. Today, people like Paula can control their racist cravings with a ‘N*ggerette’ patch.”

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Here’s part one…

And here’s part two…

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