This New ‘Friends’ Fan Theory Questions If Central Perk Existed At All

Despite ending in 2004, Friends will never really be over thanks to the Internet. Rachel got off the plane and Chandler and Monica adopted their twins, but despite the happy endings for all, sometimes fans theorized some darker undercurrents. Some fan theories were harmless, like Chandler and Monica moving into the Home Alone house, but others took on a more sinister tone, like the ending involving a meth-addled Phoebe.

Well, one tweet on Friday morning sent Twitter on a theorizing spree.

Creative decision… or is something more troubling afoot?

However, the real kicker came later on, when one Twitter user had a much darker vision: Rachel actually went through with her marriage to Barry, and the entire series and all of her Friends are just a dream she invented to cope with the stress of her impending nuptials.

Yes. A lovable sitcom is just a fever dream from a desperate future Mrs. Barry Finkle. You would think there would have been a lot less emotional distress about whether or not she and Ross were actually on a break had this been the case, but maybe she lives for the drama. The giant apartment, endless free time, and job in fashion when her only qualification was “likes shopping” are definitely the stuff of fantasies, though. One thing we can all agree on, though: Gunther was definitely, 100% real.

(Via Mashable)