‘Friends’ Star Matthew Perry Has Finally Revealed His Favorite Chandler One-Liner

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03.31.17 5 Comments

Pretty much the entire reason Chandler existed in Friends was to call people out, occasionally get burned himself, and financially support Joey until his acting career took off. And, over ten years, that means a giant pile of one-liners has collected around the man notable for being forced by the internet to dance on things. And, it turns out, after years of being bugged about it, Matthew Perry has admitted to a favorite.

As Vulture notes, Perry was on Good Morning America and got cornered over his favorite zinger, and it turns out to be the one above. Joey, unable to remember exactly how old he was in 1990, is informed on the proper use of cotton swabs, although really Chandler should A) be concerned about Joey putting everything in his ears and B) not even a cotton swab is supposed to be in there.

This will, of course, touch off a debate about whether this is really the best Chandler one-liner, but since we’re going to go there anyway, his best, or at least most self aware, is probably the moment where he informs Rachel he’s not great with the advice, but can offer a sarcastic comment. Hey, at least the guy is self-aware!

(via Vulture)

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