Streaming ‘Friends’ Exclusively Will Reportedly Cost Netflix $80 Million In 2019

12.04.18 9 months ago


Keeping the ‘Moist-Maker’ episode of Friends handy for millions of streaming video fans was a very nice thing for Netflix to do, but that doesn’t mean it was out of the goodness of their digital hearts.

December brought the news that Friends would be leaving Netflix at the start of 2019, and fans of the beloved 90s time capsule that provided generations with unrealistic expectations of New York City apartment square footage were thrilled when the news reversed course just hours after its impending departure was made public.

The show is airing on cable all the time, sure, but truly being able to binge-watch the sitcom is a luxury some didn’t want to give up. And Netflix sure didn’t want to let those watchers down. But it came at a pretty hefty cost for the streaming giant, and the agreement hammered out between Netflix and Warner Bros. TV leaves some pretty interesting options for the future.

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