Friends Of ‘Friends’: Ranking The Characters Who Came Close To Joining The Gang

Dozens of actors made their mark in recurring supporting roles on Friends throughout its ten-season run, and while our core gang of Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, and Joey didn’t take too kindly to letting others into the group, certain characters seemed like a natural fit beside our titular six. Whether a love interest, relative, coworker, or even a pet, these are the characters that had a shot at becoming real Friends — though some were more successful than others. Below, we’ve ranked them in order from least likely to most likely to be there for our gang.

15. Ursula (Lisa Kudrow)

Phoebe and her twin sister never got along as kids, and sadly, they weren’t destined to be friends as adults, either. Among Ursula’s many sins over the course of the series: she broke Joey’s heart, used Phoebe’s name to star in porn videos, and conveniently forgot to tell her sister about the existence of their birth mother. Not exactly friend material.

14. Mr. Heckles (Larry Hankin)
Apartment dwellers with overly loud upstairs neighbors can probably sympathize with broom-wielding Mr. Heckles and the episode where he dies certainly humanized him. But he was still a crotchety crank who complained way too much. Heckles also thwarted Chandler’s chances of living with a fashion photographer — and hanging out with his model pals — after claiming to be Chandler’s new roommate. We’re not sure Chandler could ever forgive that injustice over a cup of coffee at Central Perk.

13. Janice (Maggie Wheeler)

Chandler’s on-again, off-again flame provided excellent comic relief but she she never fit in with the rest of the gang (well, except for Ross, who inexplicably slept with her in season five). Joey absolutely hated her, everyone was annoyed by her laugh and nasal voice (remember the sound she made when she was having contractions?), and someone whose signature “Oh. My. Gawd.” refrain made Chandler’s balls “jump back up inside [his] body” could never be a real friend.

12. Estelle (June Gable)

Joey’s chain-smoking agent wasn’t always great at her job (like when she called Joey to offer him an audition for the show he was about to get fired from), but she usually worked hard on his behalf (she did land him the Days of Our Lives audition, though she agreed that he’d have to sleep with the casting director to get the part). It’s hard to say how Estelle would have gotten along with the rest of the gang, but Phoebe’s perfect impression of her in season ten makes us think those two could have been pals and maybe gone off on some fun side-adventures.

11. Tag (Eddie Cahill)

Not the brightest crayon in the box, Tag was incredibly sweet (not to mention cute), adored Rachel, and got along especially well with kindred childlike spirit Joey. But his and Rachel’s age difference was ultimately too significant, and he seemed way too eager to bolt after Rachel told him she was pregnant — this before he found out he definitely wasn’t the father. It’s a non-starter. You just know Monica would not have approved of his affinity for wearing the same red sweater all the time (did he even wash it?).

10. Emily (Helen Baxendale)