Watch Jason Momoa Destroy Canada In The ‘Frontier’ Trailer

Jason Momoa is everywhere at the moment. He’s got two superhero movies coming up as Aquaman, two other movies he’s working on, and if that weren’t enough, he’s got a Netflix series arriving in two weeks, and it looks like it could be described as “Khal Drogo in Canada.”

Frontier concerns Declan Harp, a half-Irish half-Native American outlaw who is terrorizing 19th century Canada in a bid to take over the fur trade. Back in the day, you see, everybody wanted beaver fur, so hunting the adorable little rodents was big business, so much so that the Beaver Wars are a part of Canadian history. This appears to take place a bit later after the war over skinning the harmless little guys, but the problem was still very much there: Everybody wanted beaver fur, so whoever controlled the fur controlled that part of the world, until pelts were replaced with Canadian Tire Money in 1922.

Sent to fight Momoa is Michael Smyth, who represents the Canadian authorities and presumably the forces of good, and both of them have to deal with the British army. That said, in this particular case, we’re kind of going with Momoa over some random white guy, because, come on, unless Harp is hiding a festering wound, this isn’t a fair fight.

(via YouTube)