The Creator Of ‘Full House’ Bought The Tanner’s Actual House In San Francisco

Owning the Full House house is an actual nightmare. Sure, it sounds nice to live in the heart of San Francisco, one of America’s finest cities, but consider what the poor folks who live next door said about the tourist trap: “I have to yell at people to get off their steps.” And, “It’s an endless stream of people, they drive through the neighborhood blasting the theme song.” Everywhere you look, there’s another Stephanie Tanner wannabe shouting “how rude!”

The 2500 sq. ft. house, which may have been built on an Indian burial ground (or maybe Uncle Joey’s equally-cursed underwear), has been on the market since May, but some rich fool has finally purchased the property for “around” $4 million: Full House creator Jeff Franklin. Now it’s his cross to bear.

“The house came on the market and really, I just thought, I have to buy this house,” Franklin told the Hollywood Reporter during a telephone interview from San Francisco on Wednesday afternoon. “I’m so sentimental about the house. It’s great to have the house in our Full House family and be able to preserve it for the fans… Seriously, I love owning this house.” (Via)

Next September is Full House‘s 30th anniversary (you are old), and Franklin wants to go all out to celebrate. “That will be around the time that all of my construction will be done,” including bringing the property up to code, he said, “so I hope to bring the cast up to the house and have a big slumber party here so people can drive by and actually see the Tanner family living there for one whole day. That would be pretty fun.” This will obviously end like a horror movie where a bunch of horny teens each get $1 million if they sleep in a haunted house for one night, except they all end up killing each other.

I’ve always said there was something off about that Kimmy Gibbler…

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)