Netflix Drops A ‘Fuller House’ Teaser With The Whole Tanner Family

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01.15.16 6 Comments

I think we’ve made a huge mistake. In our list of the “most exciting new television shows set to premiere in 2016” post, we forgot to include the year’s most sure-to-be acclaimed series: Fuller House. What kind of shenanigans can we expect the Tanners — minus Michelle (who’s busy in New York), but plus some new kids direct from the Disney Channel smile factory — to get into?

Well, based on the new teaser:

  • Uncle Jesse reveals how he hasn’t aged a day in 20 years.
  • Based on the box Danny is holding, Stephanie is still into music, and hopefully still stumbling her way through Ace of Base’s “The Sign.”
  • In a very special episode, Kimmy gets rabies from new Comet.
  • The Tanners go shopping for jeans.
  • Aunt Becky leaves Jesse for Stavros, who has a spy camera in the house.
  • Mr. Woodchuck is back. Yay?

Fuller House premieres on Netflix on Friday, Feb. 26.

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