Funny Or Die Shows No Mercy While Mocking Broadcast TV’s ‘New’ Crop Of Shows

How are you feeling about the recent crop of network offerings being trotted out for all to see during upfronts? If you couldn’t help but notice that there are a lot of familiar titlesfaces and fedora industry-enabling brands strewn throughout all this fantastic newness, then you’re not alone.

Funny Or Die has put together a helpful lil’ rascal of a video showcasing the semi-recycled status network television has reached when you factor in the avalanche of reboots, adaptations and sitcom staples promised for the upcoming fall slate. After all, it’s not every year that 24 makes its way back into the rotation while Kiefer Sutherland stars in an entirely separate political thriller. It doesn’t hurt that our gleefully smarmy narrator has a lot of retro-rebooted material to work with, either:

“Yes, this fall network TV has it all. Like the hot new show, MacGyver. Miss Prison Break? We’re banking on it. More of a film buff? We have original, inferior takes on The Exorcist, Taken and Lethal Weapon.”

Having a Wayans surplus may not equate to everybody’s idea of a perfect television scenario, but not all hope is lost if you’re feeling throwback fatigue. After all, Fargo proved that a television adaptation of a treasured film property with a nostalgia halo above it can become something original and spectacular. Heck, just be better than Rush Hour and you’ll be cut a lot of slack.

(Via Variety)