Good News, Everyone, You’ll Be Able To Watch ‘Futurama’ On Hulu Soon

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Like fans of 30 Rock and Buffy the Vampire Slayer before and after them, Futurama viewers were none too pleased when Matt Groening’s animated series was removed from Netflix. (Technically, only seasons 1-6 were removed, while the Comedy Central years remained, but let’s just say there’s a lot of people consider the real series finale to be “The Devil’s Hands Are Idle Playthings.”) Well, good news everyone: beginning October 16, every episode of Futurama, including the four movies, will be available on Hulu.

“Since our inception, one of the things that has consistently remained true is that Hulu viewers love animation,” Hulu’s VP of content acquisition Lisa Holme said over the summer. “That’s why we are incredibly proud to offer even more beloved animated comedies through this new deal.” The deal with 20th Century Fox includes not only Futurama, but also American Dad, The Cleveland Show, and Bob’s Burgers; they’re joined by other animated offerings like Adventure Time, The Boondocks, Regular Show, and South Park.

Hulu won’t be the only place you can watch Futurama, though.

Syfy announced that it has acquired the animated comedy series Futurama from Twentieth Television in a multi-year, non-exclusive deal that includes all 140 HD episodes of the series. The acquisition is part of the networks planned branding reboot and new programming lineup. Futurama will premier on Syfy on Nov. 11 with the series airing regularly in primetime on Mondays and Tuesdays from 8a.m. to 2a.m. ET/PT and on Saturday mornings from 8 to 11a.m. ET/PT. (Via)

Futurama is going to be everywhere soon, which is good news if you want to cry your eyes out while watching “Jurassic Bark” for the 32nd time.

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