Paul Scheer Takes The Writing Reins For The TV Version Of The Sci-Fi Comedy Cult Favorite ‘Galaxy Quest’

The 1999 sci-fi comedy gem Galaxy Quest has been slowly lurching toward a place on modern television for a number of years, but a new hiring announced on Thursday should inspire a bit of hope among the film’s devoted fans that this thing will actually happen. (Or you might dread a Galaxy Quest series. You’re your own special creature and that’s perfectly alright.)

Paul Scheer is taking the reins on Amazon’s Galaxy Quest series revealed The Hollywood Reporter. He comes equipped with impressive comedy credentials (Human Giant, The League, NTSF:SD:SUV) and will take over from the original scribe (of both the pilot and motion picture) Robert Gordon on the project. Things have been pretty much on hiatus since the passing of the original film’s co-star Alan Rickman and understandably so.

/Film spoke with Scheer after the news broke about how he wound up getting aboard Galaxy Quest. According to Scheer, it was a happy accident.

“This whole thing came about very organically. I was meeting with Paramount about developing a TV pilot that I had just brought to Sundance and during the conversation they asked what my dream project would be and I said to showrun and be in the new Galaxy Quest series and they were like it’s so funny you say that, because we wanted to ask you the same thing. My mind was totally blown, nothing ever happens like that.”

Scheer is vowing to be “respectful” when it comes the material and as long as that’s coupled with funny what’s not to love about this arrangement?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter & /Film)