50 Corgis Playing in Snow

12.17.10 8 years ago 9 Comments

A lot of people hate winter for the cold, but I’m more of an optimist: winter brings snow, and snow brings Corgis hopping through snowdrifts. And if you’ve never seen a Corgi trying to run through snow, my God, it is a delight. It’s the lyrical motion of dolphins jumping out of the water combined with the cuteness of short furry little legs. THIS is all I want for Christmas.

So with the winter solstice nearly upon us, I give you this super-sized gallery of 50 — yes, FIFTY — Corgis playing in the snow (actually, it’s more than 50, but even numbers sound better). Thanks for the great majority of these images goes to MyCorgi, with supporting nods to Corgi Addict, the Daily Corgi, and seinemajestat. Merry Christmas!

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