Watch Every Death From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 5, Its Bloodiest Season Yet

Senior Pop Culture Editor

After the “Stannis is NOT the Mannis” episode of Game of Thrones this season, which had everyone screaming bloody murder at their televisions, our own Dustin Rowles defended the show’s indefensible violence, writing, “We don’t want to miss out on that conversation. We don’t want to lose out on the ability to b*tch about Game of Thrones and revel in its glory.”

With that being said, here’s a supercut of every death from this past season! All your favorites are here… that guy Brienne slices in half, a million Unsullied, the pigeon that gets in Arya’s way, what’s-her-face. I really thought what’s-her-face was going to claim the Iron Throne. Oh well.

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