HBO Goes Full Dragons, Plasters The Season 3 'Game Of Thrones' Poster On Their Building

We’re still over a month away from the Season 3 premiere but as you may have noticed the Game of Thrones countdown is IS ON LIKE DONKEY BRONN (just go with it). First it was the new S3 poster (dragons!), then it was the new S3 trailer (holy sh*t dragons!), and now HBO’s marketing campaign is invading our everyday lives (dragons attacking LA!).

Full image of HBO’s building on Sunset after its transformation yesterday after the jump, followed by the New York Times advertisement from earlier this week. Some were a bit underwhelmed by the imagery from the S3 poster when compared to the first two seasons, but I’d like to think everyone is re-thinking those sentiments after seeing their full implementation (dragon shadow my town next, HBO!). I also choose to believe roughly 10% of people who drive by this building think Los Angeles is being attacked by mythical flying creatures.

Above as shared on r/GameofThrones. And here’s the New York Times placement in case you missed it. I’m told more than five old men reading newspapers in parks immediately looked up to the sky after turning the page.