‘Game Of Thrones’ Discussion: Six Questions About The Parkour-Filled ‘No One’

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We’re in uncharted territory on Game of Thrones. There are no books to work from — even George R.R. Martin might be surprised with what’s happening on the HBO series — and things could get confusing. To help you out, after every new episode, our Thrones experts will answer your six most pressing questions.

1. What was Cersei talking about with Qyburn? Ditto Varys’ secret mission?

Ryan: Varys’ secret mission isn’t all that secret. As he said on his way out of Meereen, Daenerys will need support in Westeros so all seven kingdoms don’t unite when she hits the shore in Greyjoy ships full of Dothraki raiders. Seriously, you don’t need a public relations expert to know how that’s going to look. I’m not sure how effective someone as mistrusted as the Spider will be in bringing allies over to her side, but I suppose the webs he weaves have always been invisible to his targets until they’re too tangled to escape.

As for what Qyburn’s little birds confirmed for Cersei, my guess is she knows about the caches of wildfire the Mad King Aerys hid all over King’s Landing — her brother Jaime mentioned them to Brienne when explaining why he stabbed Aerys in the back. If there’s a basement full of that evil green stuff under the Sept of Baelor, we could be about to witness an explosion that will put the wildfire in season two’s battle of Blackwater Bay to shame. But that’s just a theory, and we learned in this episode what our theories are worth.

Josh: They’re as worthless as an extra-small condom for Podrick, but I think you’re onto something. It’s no coincidence that Bran’s visions from earlier this season involved wildfire and a misguided king sitting on the Iron Throne. Tommen isn’t as “mad” as Aerys Targaryen, but he’s not thinking straight. He might want to snap out of it (and snap the High Sparrow’s neck) soon, though, considering Maggy the Frog’s prophecy that Cersei would see all her children die. Joffrey and Myrcella are already gone — could Tommen be next? Speaking of visions and prophecies: remember Daenerys’ from season three, when she’s in the House of the Undying and finds herself walking the destroyed Red Keep? Only wildfire (or an angry dragon) could do that kind of damage…

Ryan: It would be just like Cersei to blow up King’s Landing to save her children, only to blow up King’s Landing and kill her children. This is a woman whose every scheme seems to explode in her face. It would only be fitting if her life ended after her latest ploy does so in literal fashion.

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