A Lot Of People Are Naming Their Dogs After ‘Game Of Thrones’ Characters

Game of Thrones has been responsible for a trend in baby names going back a few years now, so it only makes sense that the massively popular HBO fantasy series would have an influence on what we name our fur babies as well. The pet GPS tracking app Whistle recently partnered with the dog walking network Rover to compile some data prior to National Dog Day on August 26, and found that Game of Thrones overwhelming reigns supreme in pop culture-inspired dog names.

Although they don’t provide statistics on how Thrones holds up to other pop culture names (there’s got to be at least a few Elevens out there), 62 percent of the dogs in Whistle’s database with Game of Thrones names were named after the direwolves: Lady, Ghost, Nymeria, Greywolf, and Shaggydog. In non-direwolves names, “Arya” and “Snow” are also apparently popular choices.

While it’s fine name your pup after a direwolf, now seems as good a time as any to issue a reminder that fans still shouldn’t go running out and buying husky dogs in an effort to live out their dreams of owning a direwolf, as huskies are currently being abandoned in shelters in record numbers. A cute rescue mutt, on the other hand, would probably be thrilled to be called Nymeria.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)