The Ninth Episodes Of ‘Game Of Thrones,’ Ranked From Greatest To Great

(All men must be spoiled, so don’t watch the video or keep reading if you’re not up to date on Game of Thrones.)

Most shows save their OMG moments for the season finale. Not Game of Thrones. Ask any fan to name their favorite episode of the HBO series, and there’s a good chance it’ll be the ninth episode of any given season. They have the most action, the most exciting climaxes, the best battles, and the most shocking scenes.

In season one’s “Baelor,” the honorable Eddard Stark lost his head, literally. “Blackwater” from season two, which pits the Lannister army against Stannis Baratheon’s fleet, cost more than the average episode, and it’s all up there on the screen. Most of us still haven’t recovered from season three’s “The Rains of Castamere,” arguably the best episode of the entire series (it’s right up there with “Hardhome,” which surprisingly isn’t a ninth episode). “The Watchers on the Wall” is a massive season four entry that doesn’t jump around between settings; it’s all set at the Wall. And most recently, Daenerys (and Drogon) got her flight on in “The Dance of Dragons.”

What does Game of Thrones have in store for the penultimate episode this season? No one knows, but rest assured, it’ll be huge. Until then, we’ve ranked the episode nines, from greatest to great. Make sure you’re not at a wedding when watching the video.

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