So, Is There A Tiny Chance That The Night King Could Defeat Thanos In A Battle?

HBO/Marvel Studios/Uproxx

April’s bringing us the return of two big bads — the Night King and Thanos — on the pop culture front. Both have proven themselves capable of wreaking massive destruction and death on Game of Thrones and within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, respectively, and they’re only getting started. Yet what if they decided to, you know, fight each other? I know what you’re thinking … no contest, right? Thanos would 97% beat the hell out of the Night King. That’s fair.

However silly it might seem with no conceivable crossover on the horizon, I’m still in the mood to consider this. Maybe there’s a slight chance that this might not be as much of a canned victory as it sounds for the Mad Titan against the creator of White Walkers (and, in turn, the wights). I’m being semi-serious here, but one must remember that Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet-bestowed powers only apply to the universe where they originated, and that qualification might apply to the Night King as well. Let’s suppose, then, that they could both wield their full powers in the same setting. First, it’s worth running down the easy-to-spot reason that Thanos would probably overpower the Night King.

The Infinity Gauntlet. So simple.

Marvel Studios

Setting aside the fact that Thanos may not have acquired the full Gauntlet if not for Star-Lord’s screw up, this makes all the difference in this prospective battle. As the wearer of the completed gauntlet, Thanos (already a powerful Eternal with a Deviant gene) grew virtually omnipotent with the following powers bestowed by the following stones: Space, or the Tesseract (ability to see past and future); Mind (psychic abilities, can control thoughts of others); Power (manipulate forms of energy); Reality (wish fulfillment); Time (self-explanatory, can control that dimension); Soul (resurrection of souls and trapping them in a pocket universe). He’s pretty set now and, to be blunt, cosmically f*cks.

Thanos can do almost anything he wants with the Gauntlet, but let’s look back on the most obvious weapon that currently resides in the Night King’s arsenal.


Not bad. At all. Viserion the ice dragon should do well for the Night King’s Thrones purposes, but sorry man, that’s not a damn Gauntlet.