‘Game Of Thrones’ Sufficiently Toys With Jon Snow’s Fate In This Season 6 Teaser

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02.14.16 3 Comments

As promised, the Season 6 teaser for Game Of Thrones dropped right before HBO’s Vinyl series premiere. The murky footage rolls through the House of Black and White, and fans will recognize the meaning of the setting. Oddly enough, many recognizable faces appear on the wall with Ned, Robb, and Catelyn Stark all appearing. There’s Joffrey, and yes, there’s a very dead-looking Jon Snow. And well, Tyrion Lannister’s face then pops into the frame, which causes a knee-jerk reaction and makes the whole teaser seem like a dream sequence.

In other words, this teaser tells us nothing definitive, but that’s to be expected from this season’s promotion. Even the massive batch of newly released images mainly told audiences that Arya Stark is still blind (and a few other things too). All along, the show has dropped non-hints like an ambiguously bloody poster, which led some to believe Snow was dead … or alive. Then some some unauthorized set photos and Kit Harinton’s own hair played a role in furthering the ambiguity.

HBO will ride Snow’s mysterious fate all the way to the April 24 premiere. Will the final product be worth the wait?

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