‘Game Of Thrones’ Finally Showed The Wedding That Tore Westeros Apart

After years of fan theories and multiple seasons of Game of Thrones hinting at the increasingly obvious, Bran Stark came right out and said it: Jon Snow is not his brother. Bran saw the wedding between Rhaegar Targaryen and his aunt Lyanna Stark in a vision, and he now knows Jon’s real name: Aegon.

But, Bran, for being an omniscient being that knows all and sees all, still had to be corrected by Sam Tarley. Bran thought Jon Snow was Aegon Sand due to being birthed in Dorne (being “Born in Dorne” sounds like a Westerosian country music ballad). But no, Jon/Aegon is a Targaryen. The annulment of Rhaegar Targaryen’s wedding wasn’t known by the Three-Eyed Raven for some reason, but thankfully Sam was there to clear things up.

Meanwhile, like the juxtaposition of an ’80s sex romp, just as it was being revealed that Aegon/Jon was a Targaryen, he was making love to his aunt on a boat, not realizing that he’s the true heir to the Iron Throne.

If Bran sends a raven and Jon/Aegon (Jaegon?) opens it up while sipping coffee while in bed with Dany, what will happen? His whole life has been based around her supposed claim to the throne, now that’s gone.

And will she be pregnant with Jaegon’s baby? The Targaryen’s are known for incest, but this is accidental. Will this weaken their alliance? Aegon Targaryen, you know nothing.