Kit Harington Hints At Jon Snow’s True, Sexy Feelings Towards Dany After The Latest ‘Game Of Thrones’

07.30.17 8 months ago 6 Comments


The name of the book series is A Song of Ice and Fire, and while the TV show is quickly leaping ahead of the books, the theories and rumors have existed for years — Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow will band together to defeat the White Walkers. Jon Snow represents the cold north, the ice in the equation, and Dany is the embodiment of fire. Whether they’ll both hop hand in hand onto a dragon and soar north to The Wall is unknown, but with their relationship going frozen to lukewarm in the span of an episode, we’re now left wondering what’s next.

R+L=J is true and Jon Snow is a Targaryen, he just doesn’t know it. And considering Dany’s intense want for the Iron Throne, hearing that her claim as Queen is weaker than Jon’s is sure to be a blow to her (growing) ego. But the other wrinkle is the fact that this unknowing aunt and nephew might just decide it’s in their best interests to join their houses and take on the suddenly much more powerful Lannister and Greyjoy forces. And even if they find out they’re related, the Targaryen’s are all about keeping their bloodlines pure with some good old fashioned incest.

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