All The Cool Stuff Hidden In The ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Opening Credits

04.15.19 2 months ago

Season 8 of Game of Thrones is finally here and with it comes a brand new opening credits sequence, rebuilt completely from the ground up. Just like the previous version, it features growing clockwork models of various locales featured in the upcoming episode. Because the show is quickly nearing its endgame, almost all of the remaining characters have converged in just a few places, but rather than simplify things accordingly, the decision was made instead to go deeper, and this new opening takes us inside castles and cities for the first time. So while the opening follows the same general concept as before, there’s a number of interesting new details included that are hard to catch while watching things live on HBO.

Here’s what you might have missed.

The astrolabe that previously featured a history of Westeros leading up to the start of Game of Thrones season one now features major moments from the past seven seasons. The original three reliefs emblazoned on the spinning astrolabe above Westeros depicted the Doom of Valyria, Robert’s Rebellion, and then the Baratheon stag crowned with animals representing the other major houses kneeling. Now it rolls backwards, starting with the White Walkers bringing down the Wall and the Night King astride the undead Viserion.


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