The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Showrunners Played An Insanely Intricate Prank On A Cast Member

There’s something about a good on-set prank that just warms the heart. It’s probably because they indicate a degree of real-life camaraderie between cast and crew members, one that we like to think exists but can never be certain does. So when things like Norman Reedus filling Andrew Lincoln’s air conditioner with glitter or Chris Hemsworth pulling a nice in-character prank on his director happen, it tends to go over well with fans.

After all, movies and TV shows are fun for us. It’s cool to see that they can be fun for those who make them as well. That said, Game of Thrones showrunners JB Weiss and David Benioff took on-set pranks to a new, astonishingly intricate level this past season. Their victim, John Bradley (who plays Sam on the show) described the aforementioned prank in a recent cast interview on Conan.

Bradley says, first and foremost, that his prank was well earned, as he was always the guy on set who would say, “What kind of f*cking dope falls for their shtick?” He then describes the elaborate prank, which began with a script that detailed his character wearing a ridiculous outfit. Because it was in a script and because the scene took place at Sam’s home, a location that had yet to be seen in the series, Bradley thought nothing of it. Plus, as he says, “I’m a trusting guy.”

The prank carried on into wardrobe sessions, as Bradley was fitted for the exact ridiculous outfit described. It’s a sight to behold (you can watch the above video for a look at it) and also a telling testament as to just how far Weiss and Benioff are willing to go to pull a fast one on their coworkers. You guys think they like messing with the fans, what with their constantly killing well-loved characters in brutal fashion? Imagine working with these two and having them force you through a ridiculous costume fitting for no reason other than to get a laugh. We guess the primary takeaway from this video should be that Weiss and Benioff are a million times more sadistic than we ever could have imagined.

(via CONAN)