The Seven Kingdoms Is Hitting The Kingsroad With The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Touring Exhibition

It’s been over a year since the last new episode of Game of Thrones, and the wait between season seven, which bows on July 16, and season eight might be even longer. No official premiere date for the show’s final batch of episodes has been announced yet, but it’s likely to be sometime in 2019.

How can A Girl pass the time? By visiting Westeros (before it’s disbanded).

On Thursday, HBO announced the “Game of Thrones: The Touring Exhibition.” The 10,000-square-foot interactive showcase, which begins this fall, will “drop fans in the center of the Seven Kingdoms for an up-close and personal look at authentic props, costumes, and set decorations from the show.”

Featuring a unique mix of immersive environments, interactives, and multimedia content, visitors will experience the mythical lands of Westeros and Essos and relive the trials and tribulations of the series’ nobles and common folk alike who struggle for survival in the shadow of the Iron Throne.

Fans can visit Winterfell, King’s Landing, Meereen, the House of Black and White, Castle Black, Beyond the Wall, and, of course, the Iron Throne room, where “visitors can gaze upon the Westerosi seat of power in all its foreboding glory.” (Be careful sitting, though; it’s not comfortable.) Weirdly, Flea Bottom is not part of the exhibition, but you must vacation there.

The tour kicks off in Europe, but dates and cities are still TBA.