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So a priest, a rabbi, an imam, and a Buddhist monk walk into a room with 10 atheists… No, seriously.  It’s a new game show called “Penitents Compete” proposed by Turkish TV station Kanal T in which converts would win a trip to either the Vatican, Jerusalem, Mecca, or Tibet.  This sounds amazing to me.  Of course, if you can find something awesome, you can look outside and there’ll be religious people picketing:

But religious authorities in Muslim but secular Turkey are not amused by the twist on the popular reality game show format and the Religious Affairs Directorate is refusing to provide an imam for the show.

“Doing something like this for the sake of ratings is disrespectful to all religions. Religion should not be a subject for entertainment programs,” High Board of Religious Affairs Chairman Hamza Aktan said.

Yeah!  Making religion entertaining cheapens what religion’s all about: judging other people and bombing them for their beliefs.

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