Did The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season Premiere Shocker Reveal A Major Continuity Error?

04.25.16 27 Comments


If there’s one thing the internet is for, it’s helping people all over the world interact in real-time to create one huge global community. If there are two things the internet is for, it’s that crap about the global community and nitpicking potential continuity errors in popular fantasy or science fiction television shows and movies. Which brings us to the season six premiere of Game of Thrones and Melisandre’s magical necklace.

As you all probably know by now because you’ve seen the episode or been buried alive in spoilers, the premiere ended with Melisandre alone in her room getting ready for bed. After removing her clothes and admiring herself in the mirror for a moment or two, she took off her fancy red choker necklace, at which point the alluring youthful redhead you see in the image at the top of the screen immediately turned into this much, much older woman.

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