Is That Garrett From ‘Community’ In That Weird AT&T Vampire Commercial?

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07.10.14 11 Comments

The AT&T U-Verse vampire-nerdy guy break up commercial has been uploaded from a few weeks now but I saw it first time last night during an actual television broadcast and was immediately all like, “Holy sh*t is that Garrett from Community breaking up with the sexy lady vampire that he’s in a fictional — and probably emotionally unhealthy — relationship with?”

After the lightest of research I can confirm that yes, yes it is in fact this guy:



“It’s like god spilled a person.” Not only does that immediately make this commercial my hands down favorite advertisement for cable television, but it also gives me a reason to use this GIF despite the fact there is no imminent crisis at hand. Unless you’re taking Garrett’s biting issue with his fake vampire girlfriend very seriously.

crisis alert


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