"Gays Rule, Kirk Cameron Drools," Says Forgotten Child Celebrities

I applaud the message of this Funny or Die video, which is basically this: Kirk Cameron is a dick. It’s funny, it’s well intentioned, and it’s the only work any of these former child celebrities has gotten in over a decade. The best part, though, is seeing what these childhood celebrities, most of whom we’ve completely forgotten about, look like today.

Take, for instance, Maureen Flanigan. Who? Exactly. She was the lead in “Out of this World,” the show where she could clap and stop time. Man, I loved that show. Then there’s Keith “The Dishes are Done” Coogan, from Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead. He looks like a pudgy Wil Wheaton now. There’s also the boy from “Mr. Belvedere.” I’ve already forgotten his name. Also, the daughter from “Step by Step,” the forgotten TGIF show with that guy from “Dallas.” My favorite, though? Josie Davis, the sister in “Charles in Charge” who wasn’t Nicole Eggert. She turned out all right, certainly better than Eggert. I bet she keeps a picture of 2012 Eggert under her pillow and sleeps very well at night.

It’s a nice kick of nostalgia, with a positive message, which is: “Kirk Cameron may be a homophobic jackass, but at least he’s not Neil Patrick Harris.”