George Clooney Gets A Shot At An ‘ER’ Reunion On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ With A Hip Hop Twist

Fans of ER almost got a dream come true thanks to Jimmy Kimmel Live. The host welcomed George Clooney on the show to promote Hail, Caesar! and got the opportunity to have a fun ER reunion with some of his former cast members. The only problem is that they’re all pretty busy. Some have their own shows, some had jury duty, and others like to observe the sanctity of Taco Tuesday.
But Clooney is a professional. He decided to soldier on with the “reunion” and put on a performance for the ages. And Kimmel did get someone to help out in the form of Hugh Laurie as Doctor House. Or it’s that Tomorrowland reunion you were all dying to see. You pick your fantasy.

Clooney and Laurie work through a pretty silly sketch, spouting out jumbled medical terms along the way. But it’s the ending that really shines. Clooney has to try and bring Kimmel back to the land of the living and he uses the power of Sugar Hill Gang to do it. Yeah, it likely sounds like your dad attempting to perform “Rappers Delight,” but it’s funny enough. And there’s no drinking games involved — though they might’ve been involved in the writing.

Then Laurie and Clooney do a Mega Powers “shake” at the end with a little doctor twist. The whole planet could’ve blown up in the process, but it was worth it.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)