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Excuse me.   I’m sorry, it’s just so hard to write right now.  I’m typing with my fists, which isn’t easy, and most of the capillaries in my eyes have burst.  You see, some Tv executive liked the wealthy teenage characters and Manhattan prep school setting of “Gossip Girl” that they decided to make — ** breathes into paper bag** — a reality show version of it.  That’s right: “NYC Prep” comes to Bravo in June.

The docu-series will give an up-close and personal look at the lives of the latest and hottest teens on the planet: Camille, 16, blows off steam at NYC hotspots when taking a break from her studies and college applications; Jessica, 17, always gets what she wants, and what she wants is to get into FIT; Kelli, 17, wants to be a singer; Taylor, 15, doubles as a public school student; PC, 18, is your typical hot and spoiled rich kid; and [French-born] Sebastian, 16, boasts a reputation of hooking up with the hottest girls. [NY Post]

Says the press release: “Whether it’s on sophisticated vacations or to a townhouse for an exclusive midnight party, their lives intertwine as they network, shop, party, study, date and write college applications.” But, it continues, “privilege has its price. Despite their carefree lives, the pressure of lofty expectations can sometimes be too much for even the most confident teenagers.” [EW]

Oh no!  Not lofty expectations!  Why, if they don’t get into Yale, they’ll have to settle for Cornell, or some other expensive college that their parents can afford!  And then what?  They’ll either have to settle for a parentally-funded art career in an amazing apartment in New York — or be locked into a world of high-paying jobs thanks to their family’s connections!  Oh, the pressure!  I hope they can make it!  I’ll be rooting for these scrappy underdogs.

(Do you have the capacity for more hatred?  If so, check out the show description and bios)

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